Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Introducing AnalyticsLab

A truly innovative tool to change how you use data!

Have you ever wished for a better tool for reporting and analyzing your most important research and business data?

We have, and that’s exactly why we created AnalyticsLab — an innovative, powerful online reporting and analysis tool that will change the way you use data.

Contact us at to set up a demo and see how it works

With AnalyticsLab, you won’t have to work around the limitations of your reporting and analysis tools. We consolidate your data into a single, intuitive, online platform - taking the heavy lifting out of research reporting and data exploration.

Send or share reports with colleagues, run cross-tabs, build graphs and dashboards, stat-test and export to Excel with a single click. You can also combine research data with other critical business information (sales data, CRM, media spend, website metrics, etc.).

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